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As usual with my blog posts, I like to browse the world wide web for new, innovative ideas that really inspire me as a creative whether its something humorous, something that’s simply clever or in this particular case hard hitting reality. I don’t know why but I’ve always had a fascination for hard hitting marketing, marketing that really gets to the point fast and tell it to you like it is. Maybe it’s the initial shock factor that has always appealed to me, I’m not sure.

When I came across this piece of ambient marketing from Germany, I didn’t know whether to like it or dislike it. You see, it’s highly controversial in my opinion but it is also new and pushes the boundaries of modern advertising techniques which I love.

The idea was to help promote the important message about organ donors, a subject that is often overlooked and there are people out there whose lives really depend on it.

To get this message across, a young man in dialysis called Michael Stapf (who has been waiting years for a kidney replacement but unfortunately there has been no suitable donor ) was the ‘star’ of this campaign.  He was placed on a platform in the middle of Frankfurt station with all the required medical equipment by his side which helps to keep him alive.

Members of the public waiting for their train or leaving the station were compelled with curiosity to find out what he was doing there and why. He lay there and talked about his disability and you could see that people genuinely cared and felt concerned for his well being and wanted to do all they could to help his sad situation.

This was obviously an idea that got a lot of exposure with both members of the public and the media and the campaign encouraged people to sign up to be an organ donor seeing first hand how it can change a person’s life.

What I admired about this and made me want to share it with you was not just the hard hitting marketing involved and how it had been executed but more importantly, the young mans courage and bravery to lie there and talk about his disability, spreading the word about the importance of organ donations.

Check out the video of this ambient marketing action below…

Tom Fearon is a Designer and Guerrilla marketing expert at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

5 easy ways to market:

Getting your product recognised out there in the marketing world can be difficult. Here are a few easy steps to remember the key elements that can help get your product to market effectively.

This little piggy went to market

When taking your brand to market there are important factors to consider. Your strategy will form the basis of the whole of your brand’s future.

There are so many questions to ask – how do you feel about your brand and its future? What would you like to see happen to it? What possibilities do you have? Who is the right person to take your brand forward? What is your unique selling point; your niche? All important questions to consider when entering such a competitive market.

Your strategy will determine where you want to go; it is a description of your desired outcome. And that’s just the start! Consideration needs to be taken for your core values, the strength of your brand, your target audience, your position in the market and a review of how genuine the value you are offering is.

Your strategy is set to learn more about your business ethos, your products and services and your markets. Getting to the core of what you are trying to achieve gives a clear understanding of how to set your objectives both online and offline.

When going to market, there are so many questions to ask yourself. An effective strategy really will help you bring home the bacon.

…This little piggy stayed at home

With the developments of modern technology, there’s no need to be in the office or rely on your marketing agency to market your brand. The advances in social media and online marketing have grown rapidly, and more and more businesses are being self sufficient in their online presence.

Networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are ever growing in their popularity and provide instant access to a wide spread and diverse audience. With access to literally most of the business world, there is little room for error in finding contacts to speak to. These instant portals are flexible and allow you to determine strategically chosen target audiences – the perfect opportunity to market your brand and communicate on a more intimate level, without meeting face to face.

Facebook allows people to become a ‘friend’ or a ‘fan’ of your brand, displaying their support and interest in you- a great indication of a ‘happy’ client. Twitter gives you the opportunity to connect with inspiring people and ‘follow’ their thought patterns, as well as pointing your own ‘followers’ in the direction you want to take them. And LinkedIn creates forum based conversation, engaging and providing expertise at an executive level.

Overall, social media is an effective marketing medium that won’t break the piggy bank!

…This little piggy had roast beef

Now this one caught your attention, didn’t it?? That’s exactly the aim of guerrilla marketing. It is all about creating something that catches the human eye as it is out of the norm.

Guerrilla marketing is hugely powerful, marketing products in completely different ways, yet in everyday environments. It allows businesses to be creative on a new level, promoting products and services in unique and innovate ways. The aim is to create the element of surprise, the wow factor!

You may have seen those mischievous bods at t-mobile surprising the general public with a flash mob dance? That’s guerrilla marketing- creating the unexpected! Our resident guerrilla guru Tom has posted examples on the Happy blog- check them out J

You’d think that something so brilliant and high-impact would cost a small fortune, but guerrilla marketing can be as simple and giant vinyl footprints through a city centre. The only thing limiting guerrilla marketing is the imagination! Who knows… you might even see flying pigs!

…This little piggy had none

Without a strong brand your marketing efforts are worth nothing. A brand is the forefront of your business; it speaks for you and it creates expectations of the product and service to come.

A brand is not just a logo, but everything that your customers think, feel, say and hear about your product or service. It is a complex package of emotional and rational benefits driving a customer’s choice.

We relate to brands on so many levels – some even as far as the big ‘L’ word! It is this emotion that links a brand to our feelings, and creates a loyalty to the products we crave. Brands are important to us in every aspect of our lives.

A brand needs to be strong to compete in an overcrowded market. Do a sufficient amount of people (relative to your target audience) know about your brand? Do people always remember your brand’s name? Do people understand fully what your brand is about? Do you get a lot of repeat business? These are all indicators of how strong your brand is, and only a strong brand can compete and grow effectively.

All in all, creating a strong brand avoids making a pigsty of your business and your hard work!

…And this little piggy went….‘wee wee wee’ all the way home.

One of the most effective ways of marketing your product or service is through micro marketing. That’s targeting your audience strategically and specifically.

Choosing a ‘wee’ target audience that fits your customer profile is more likely to be effective than targeting on mass. I am not disputing the effectiveness of mass marketing through social media, but targeting specific contacts is likely to give you a better response and conversion rate.

Personalised direct mail is always a winner. Anything where the customer sees that you have put time, effort and care into your communication is received well. It is never nice to think you are part of a big mail out. Making your customers feel special, like they are your most important customer (or potential customer) is key to a successful and strong brand.

So, instead of ‘hogging’ the whole market place, try targeting a niche, a selection of strategically chosen customers.

The integration of these 5 easy steps is the recipe for success in getting your products and services to market, just like our first little piggy!

Emma Dobson is a branding expert and Touch Point guru at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

So for my blog entry, I wanted to share with you a piece of ambient marketing that I thought was very clever indeed.

For as along as I can remember, I’ve always been a huge fan of ambient marketing. I love ideas that really capture the imagination of the viewer and make them look and feel something in a way they thought they would.

I especially love marketing that promotes a specific cause, advertising that supports charities spreading important and insightful messages about life and the vulnerabilities it can often involve, topics such as drink driving, smoking, health and well being. Now we all see adverts every day that give us the old ‘Don’t do this…’ and ‘Don’t do that…’ and to be honest, it just gets tiring and boring to watch and it’s no wonder people switch off and don’t listen.

Personally, I really feel that there is much more scope for ambient marketing when it comes to tackling issues such as the above and I feel that by taking that risk and doing something different and never seen before, it would really change a viewers perception and help them think about making a change.

What led me to talking about the above was a beautifully crafted campaign brought to us from Spain where the agency involved tackled the topic of skin cancer. Now this is obviously less of a problem here in the UK as exposure to the sun is very rare indeed but in Mediterranean countries such as Spain, this topic is very serious indeed.

None of us can deny that when the sun is shining, we all can’t wait to get out and enjoy it, many of us look forward to holidays abroad where we can relax and bath in it but the damage it can do is something people tend to overlook and don’t really think about as much as they should.

The agency involved here chose an ambient method to advertise this topic to the residents and tourists of Madrid. The figure stands at around 700 people losing their lives do to this disease each year, if people took care of their skin, this figure would be significantly reduced. The agency decided to sculpt 700 figures out of ice and place them in and around the city.

Obviously with the sun beating down, the ice melted and the statues disappeared signifying a loss of life.

When I saw this, I was truly inspired not just by the creativity and innovation involved in the campaign but the strength of the message and how it drew me in deeper, much more so than any leaflet or brochure would and think there should be much more of this around surrounding other health and well being issues.

Here is the big budget campaign that has been a huge success in Madrid capturing the attention of the public, radio and press.

What do you think of the campaign? Do you think there should be more ambient advertising around?

Whether tackling serious issues such as the above or simply wanting to promote your company/product in an innovative way, choose ambient marketing and choose Happy Creative to help you bring it to life!

Tom Fearon is a Designer and Guerrilla marketing expert at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

Creativity is key here are at Happy, and guerrilla marketing fits that bill to a tee. It’s about creating a buzz and getting your company noticed in unconventional ways. In our abundant experience, thinking outside the box can never be a bad thing, and guerrilla is one of the tools we can use to achieve this. Lets face it, it’s getting a lot more difficult (although not impossible) to grab people’s attention nowadays. But our process of using highly creative guerrilla marketing along with a stringent, formulated process really hits the mark.

This Rimmel campaign screams of guerrilla marketing. The best thing about this campaign, and all guerrilla marketing, is that it combines press coverage, with viral after the campaign has been completed. This is where we can join guerrilla with more traditional marketing. It’s essential to maximise the impact of any ‘buzz’ you create, and finding as many routes to get your guerrilla campaign noticed. You can do this by integrating this with your existing and more traditional marketing.

One of our favourite exponents of a guerrilla approach is the elusive street artist Banksy. Banksy markets himself in a guerrilla style and is the perfect template for guerrilla marketing. He manages to get across his talents in a way that is highly creative, hugely attention grabbing and completely unexpected. Of course, Banksy does play with legality when it comes to his work, certainly not something we’d ever advocate.  However, the general principles used by Banksy are certainly a great illustration (excuse the pun!) of just how effective a guerrilla marketing campaign can be.

The legality issues touched upon with Banksy’s work are something that any guerrilla campaign will need to take into consideration.  However, with the right planning and advice it is possible to execute a guerrilla campaign without stirring too much of the ‘wrong’ type of controversy.  The old saying, ‘no bad publicity’ can often be true, but ensuring you cause a stir without incurring any legal wrath is much more fun!

Without expert advice, guerrilla marketing can go wrong spectacularly. To see some examples of guerrilla marketing gone wrong, check out our other guerrilla blog piece, Guerrilla Banana Skins!

Guerrilla marketing can be used to shock. Some charities and governments use it to shock people into taking notice of key issues. On certain occasions this is exactly the approach to take; however matching the right message with the right approach to suit a company is the only way to get results. Matching messages and plenty of planning are the two key activities for any marketing campaign, but particularly guerrilla marketing.  Concentrating on who you are targeting with your message guides the rest of the process in terms of execution, placement and measurement.

All in all, used in the right way, guerrilla marketing is a tool that can be used to teach, inspire or just get your message out there in big way. And we at Happy Creative know all about it!

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Scott Lumley is a Guerrilla Marketing Expert at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

Guerrilla marketing can sometimes go spectacularly wrong. As with any other marketing campaign, planning is key, and a carefully planned guerrilla marketing campaign will have a massive impact. Maximising your coverage is the key to any campaign; even if the coverage is suppose to look ‘low-key’.

Sometimes companies can just go too far, getting attention for all the wrong reasons. With our guerrilla campaigns at Happy Creative, we know that it’s all about setting boundaries and considering every possible outcome of your campaign, something which our process is all about. Clearly when Cartoon Network commissioned a piece of guerrilla marketing for their animation ‘The Aqua Teen Hunger Force’, someone didn’t go through such a thorough process.

Cartoon Network created a battery powered LED placard, which they then placed around Boston, USA. Unfortunately, police found these placards and the whole thing soon escalated into a bomb scare, stopping rush hour traffic and involving the bomb squad and masses of press. As a consequence, creators had to pay the city of Boston $2 million dollars in compensation. The head of Cartoon Network resigned after 13 years in the job, in addition to issuing public apologies and completing community service.

It’s fair to say that these guerrilla marketing campaigns did get a lot of press coverage and attention, but not exactly for the right reasons!

Another example of ‘guerrilla gone wrong’ can be seen in the campaign for the film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. For this campaign, the creators made posters including comments such as ‘I always hated you Sarah Marshall’. Unfortunately, women who were actually called Sarah Marshall weren’t amused. In response, they created a guerrilla campaign of their own based around the theme ‘You suck Judd Apatow’, aimed at the director of the movie.

Choosing your location is also really important. This is something that one company thought they had got right – they were wrong. Having decided that the Olympic games would be a great place to advertise their gaming website, ‘Golden Palace’, they had someone write ‘Golden Palace’ on their body and jump into the Olympic pool. This did not end well for the man, who ended up being convicted on various charges and had to pay a fine for his actions.

This is exactly the reason for having a stringent process. Creativity is the biggest consideration, but ensuring there is a clear and comprehensive process will make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Having such a process is also essential in formulating your aims and objectives, and that you know exactly what it is you want to say and the way you want to say it. That’s what makes us great at guerrilla marketing.

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Scott Lumley is a Guerrilla Marketing Expert at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

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