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We all make new year resolutions at this time of year. Some we keep, some we….. ermm, don’t. But in the spirit of 2013, the new year is an opportunity to change, to reinvent your brand.

From a happy designer perspective, here’s five resolutions that should improve your brand presence.

1) I’ll have a salad…

Look at how your company’s brand is seen on and offline. Is it looking a little bloated? Struggling to communicate its intended messages? Then perform a design and messaging health check and devise measures to make it leaner, fitter and able to communicate your message more effectively. Fonts, colours, layouts, themes, make sure that they are consistent. Look through all your touch points and ask yourself if they are doing an effective service or just making up the numbers. Making your brand a little healthier has many health benefits and customers may remark that you’ve changed, that you look good.

2) I’m going to run 500 miles…

We all want to be fitter. Are your brand messages easy to find? Do users have the strength to find them? Spend some time reducing the amount of information that people have to read. ‘Keep it simple’ is a design principle that will never change and is very important in these days of mixed media to keep up to date with. Look at your brand with fresh eyes and identify the areas it needs to improve. Keep your USP’s precise and utilise positioning and space to make them impactful and relevant.

3) Keep in touch more….

In a market of likes, tweets and everything is delicious, the people that we keep in touch with regularly extends beyond your business, family and friends to potentially everyone with access to the internet. Put in place a social media strategy for the year, so that regular posts and tweets are appreciated by current contacts and new potentially interesting people. Social media channels provide unique ways to communicate with customers in an individual way and create brand ambassadors who can provide positive messaging to new markets. Using these channels in new, different ways disrupts how people receive information and gains their attention.

4) I accept your challenge…

Safe options have their place, but challenge the way that you think, the way your brand operates. Can it change? Or is it just accepted that the brand has always looked, acted this way and will always be that way? The market place as we all know is very different and challenges are made from many different sources. Try not to always accept the safe idea or the tried and trusted path. Pushing through creative ideas that are ‘a bit out there’ may be daunting, however it’s these types of ideas that may position your  brand in a more favourable light with potential customers over ‘safer’ competitors.

5) I love it when a plan comes together… 

You need to know where you are going before you can plan where you’re going. The design equivalent of forgetting your shorts on a summer holiday is designing something and forgetting to add any calls to action. Both make you feel a little sheepish. Plans, provide momentum, actioning this plan means that you have achievable milestones to reach your destination. Look at your objectives and plan what you need and who you need to achieve your goal. Plans made early and with your suppliers ensure that everyone knows what happens and no one gets left behind.

So there you have it… 5 great new year’s resolutions for your business for this brand new year. I wish you the very best of luck and don’t forget that if you get stuck at any stage, Happy is always here to help.

James Chantler is Creative Director at Happy Creative, a full service marketing and creative agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

There is a constant battle between the effectiveness of offline marketing versus the efficiency of online marketing. Which will give you the most return on investment? Which is the most effective form of marketing for your customer? Which will help you win the battle of bagging that key customer?

Let the battle commence…

In the red corner we have online marketing. With the increase in technological capabilities, online marketing has become more and more popular, often replacing offline resources in a bid to create a more cost effective marketing strategy. Here’s a few great things to know about online marketing.

1.Cost effective – emails and social media are very cheap to do. For very little cost you can contact a wide audience and thus the return on potential return on investment is high.

2.Instant access – Online marketing acts as the here and now- you respond straight away. Whether this is a reply to a  tweet, a ‘like’ of a facebook page or a click through on an email, the action is carried out usually upon initial contact.

3. Spread – with the ability to link easily to the web the spread and scope of information is enhanced. You can take your customers on a journey anywhere you wish, quickly and easily.

4. Measurable – Online marketing is generally measurable- you can see who is interested in what you have to say, and the steps they take upon receiving your communication. This is great for tracking patterns and continually improving your communication.

5. Targeted – Online marketing can be widely targeted, quickly and easily. Despite this there is room to target more specific demographics and groups to ensure a more effective connection. The ability to use audio and video enhances the communication for specific target audiences.

Online marketing is a simple, efficient form of marketing. With growth in technology it will only continue to improve. With all these benefits you may think that online marketing is looking like a clear winner?

Online marketing is in danger of becoming overused and blending into a crowded marketing place, as well as being seen as intrusive and annoying if handled in the wrong way. So does offline marketing have a fair fight?

In the blue corner we have offline marketing. With the overcrowded digital market place, offline marketing takes us back to those none technical roots that we miss. The traditional use of media has worked for years, and will continue to do so. Here’s a few interesting things to know about offline marketing.

1. Touchable – tangible things are well received. They are personal, they are exciting, they can be easily passed around and they are less likely to be deleted- if you do it right of course. In an age where technology is taking over, offline marketing if starting to be viewed as unique, different and special.

2. Making an impact – offline marketing has the potential to make a big impact, whether this is a DM that lands or ambient media that catches the eye. Making an impact is important for being remembered, and it is less easily ignored. Being seen everywhere, and being well-known portrays trust in your brand.

3. Quality – offline marketing adds a quality to your brand. Seeing something impactful, interesting and executed well  adds that something special that often lacks in impersonal marketing.

4. Personal – offline marketing has the potential to be more personal than online marketing. Receiving a direct mail piece with your name on makes an effective impact. The personal touch of offline marketing is more credible than getting an email addressed to you- customers feel special.

5.Creativity – offline marketing gives much more opportunity to be innovative and use your imagination. Marketing methods such as interesting direct marketing and guerrilla marketing allows creativity and creates the wow factor.

Offline marketing is personal, impactful and adds that something special to the marketing connection. Without it everything becomes very much the same, and the interest and excitement of marketing is lost. Is it a knock out for offline marketing compared to online?

Ding ding ding

Both online and offline marketing have their benefits. Together however they make a strong tag team.

Creating an integrated campaign is much stronger than having one concentration. Online marketing is quick, efficient, measurable and has a potential wide spread audience. Offline marketing is impactful, creative, tangible and respected. If you can include all aspects in your marketing strategy, you can create a series of strong , successful campaigns.

Emma Dobson is a branding expert and Touch Point guru at Happy Creative, a full service marketing agency based in Blackpool, Lancashire. To learn more or contact us please go to

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