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This week is world book week. I know because my son came home clutching his Lego Ninjago book and my daughter her make your own fairy princesses and unicorns book.

But, leaving child gender stereotypes behind… what defines a great book cover? And how much to we judge a book by it’s cover?

A great cover, can easily be just defined by it’s author. From George Orwell’s 1984 to Anthony Burgess’s Clockwork Orange are easily recognisable and deservedly have their places on the pantheon of greatest book covers ever.

However I do like the re-imagined covers  that are produced.

Penguins updated cover for 1984, delights with it’s bravery and raises a wry smile to anyone who has knowledge of the book. It would also intrigue new readers. I’m very guilty of judging books by their cover, as  a designer, I would look at the book first and then turn to the back to find out if would be on a subject that I would read and I have  been persuaded to purchase a book, purely because I found the cover interesting.

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My favourite book cover is a Brazilian edition of Jules Vernes’ “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by the artist Carlo Giovani.


I love the context of this book.  How the layers have dual meaning by delving deeper into the book or the earth, you will discover more.  Have I read this?  Well my Brazilian is a little poor… but I have watched the film if that counts.  The original one with James Mason!!

If you have any favourite book covers you would like to share, let us know and we’ll feature them.

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Happy is 7!

It seems a long time ago that Happy Karen brought Happy Creative to the world on 1st September 2005, but it’s been a fun-filled 7 years.

We’ve worked with some fabulous clients, many of whom are still with us from that first year in 2005. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with, both clients and suppliers. Our clients really do mean the world to us and our number one aim remains the same it did on that very 1st day, to make (and keep) you Happy.

As part of our 7th birthday celebrations we’ll be holding a full 7 days days of celebrations, with some fun along the way for everyone to get involved in.

Whether you are a client, a supplier, a friend, colleague or just a fan…Happy Birthday to you too, you are all part of the wonderful Happy family…Happy Birthday Happy 🙂

Hello my name is Declan Tate and I am currently on a work experience placement at Happy Creative. My interest in graphics started in Year 7 at my secondary school and was amazed at some of the roads graphics can lead to. When Year 10 was approaching, I was given my options sheet for my GCSE’s. I saw graphics on the available slots and picked it instantly, along with media, French and ICT.

I have just finished Year 10 and I am half way through my graphics GCSE project which is, (to my enjoyment) Peter Pan movie marketing. This involves me designing and creating posters, point of sale stands, cinema tickets, and a smart material piece of merchandise. I must admit picking graphics was one of the best decisions I have made and has made me much happier at school.

I love graphics as it is much more fun than a maths lesson and is something I am really interested in. In graphics there is much more to do and create than in a normal, boring lesson. In the future I hope to obtain all of my GCSE grades and progress on to college. My dream job would be to design merchandise for a movie or a company, which is the reason why I also picked media studies and French for GCSE.

This week at Happy Creative I have been given lots of small projects to do. One of which was to design a logo, cd cover, tour poster and clothing for my friend’s band. The other project was for me to learn how to use illustrator, so that I could trace my favourite comic book heroes and also make a movie poster for The Dark Knight Rises. I have really enjoyed working on these projects as they revolve around the things that make me happy and that is what Happy Creative is all about.

After 5 days at Happy Creative, I can say that I have learnt so many new skills and techniques that I did not have before. I am so glad that I got the chance to work at Happy Creative for my work experience because the activities are fun, the atmosphere is always filled with jokes (*cough* mike) and the people are always friendly.

Declan Tate has just completed his work placement at Happy Creative. He is 15 years old, happy and is very creative indeed. Good start, Declan!

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